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  Weekend of June 8
Posted by: cookiecj - 04-14-2017, 04:20 AM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (17)

There will be a Men's National Team Qualifier match in Denver, CO at Dick's Sporting Goods Field.  Then on the 11th, there is a Marshmello and Jai Wolf concert.  I have a group of 10~ coming for the weekend.  PM if you're down to get down!

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  Fucking Russian Hackers
Posted by: ah8176 - 04-12-2017, 05:24 AM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (45)

These fucking cunts went too far. First you make a bunch of bot threads that I can't even fap to, now you just blow up the site and ruin it for me?

These fuck twats went too far. I say we fight back. Terminal Lance has the greatest congregation of vindictive perverts, degenerates and low-life's known to the internet.

Hell, we've got HCT and Yoss. How can we lose?

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  Lat move to the navy?
Posted by: bs2011 - 04-02-2017, 04:54 PM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (2)

I'm currently an E2 in the active reserves of the USMC. When i had enlisted a year ago it was either ship in 3 weeks as a reservist or wait nine months to ship with an active contract. My recruiter ensured me it would be easy to switch to an active contract which is what i had wanted from the beginning. Of course I quickly learned it is impossible to switch to active duty during my 6 year reserve contract. What have you guys heard about how easy or hard and the process for switching from a reservist in the Corps to an active duty contract with the Navy or Air Force?

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Star Japan Thread
Posted by: Slinky's Return - 03-06-2017, 05:25 PM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (49)

I have spent nearly eight years of my life in Japan - five in the Marines and three years practicing the language and studying at a graduate school.  I like the country, the culture, and the people (not more than America's).  This seems like a good spot to post some things about my second home and to share my experiences and hope that other TL'rs can share theirs as well.

Let's start off with this little article I found in the Japan Times about Showa Era Brothels

Yoshiwara is perhaps the most popular brothel district and is located in Tokyo's Asakusa Ward where the famous Sensou-ji Temple can be found.  Despite the large amount of tourism in this area I thought it was interesting when the writer pointed out, "...the district is today, somewhat remarkably, being utilized for its original purpose. What were formerly brothels are now erotic bathhouses, referred to since 1984 as “soaplands.”, [which host] 6,870 sex workers, with an average 30 percent of that number on duty on any given day or 66 percent during any given week."

This is one of the peculiarities about Japan that I find fascinating.  These businesses operate just like any other normal business.  There is no hiding what they are and what kind of services are performed.  No strong lobby, within Japan, appears to be trying to shut down or make more discreet these operations. 

Anyways, that is just a small glimpse into one thing about Japan.  

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  Any MPs present?
Posted by: Handicap - 02-06-2017, 07:30 AM - Forum: Question and Support Board - Replies (4)

Yeah I started a new thread Yoss, fuck off. <3

I need input from an MP and will also be heading to the PMO office to get answers should those here be too vague.

Hopefully by July I'll have my CCL. In a week or two I'll be picking up my first pistol.

The issue is that I live on base as a civilian so I'm curious as to what I can do or need to do in regards to this. I'll be having it transferred to the gun store in the PX so any paperwork needed there will be handled there.

I know I can have it on base but what's the best way to handle carrying once the license comes in? Like, if I'm going to carry off base, what's the best way to transport it off base and not risk getting my shit pushed in by the MPs in the rare case that I'm stopped/my car is searched? What's the best way to handle coming back on base if I've been carrying?

All input (except for Yawssisms) is welcome.

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  Marine friend needs help.
Posted by: themtgdeckgenius - 01-26-2017, 04:20 PM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (13)

Hay guys, I a fellow Marine I served with needs some help with helping his family keep their home. Here is a link to his go fund me, thanks for reading.

Delivered with a regulation Red Patch

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  Space-A and travel benefits
Posted by: Chomps - 01-19-2017, 06:44 PM - Forum: Question and Support Board - Replies (15)

Figured I would start a mil travel bennies post for people to ask and share stuff. 

I'm often talking up the benefits of flying Patriot Express vs commercial for Pacific hops ($37.50 per person per direction Seattle to Yokota), and in general am a fan of saving money where possible.  With that in mind, is there a site that people can look up travel costs and savings using space-a/whatever that's geared towards mil?

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  Reserve to active ??
Posted by: Nasty_reservist - 01-11-2017, 10:54 PM - Forum: Question and Support Board - Replies (15)

Dropping to the IRR in 2 months from the reserves and realized that I have done absolutely nothing but skate my entire enlistment (not a surprise right ?). Now I really feel like a piece of shit and would give up my good for nothing political science degree for a chance to go active duty in the fleet and actually get to do as well as contribute something. Know about OCS, but also know that my run time is weak (fastest was 21:38 3 years ago) and that I in all honesty don't have the charisma required. So I talked to a prior service recruiter in my area (because my unit's career planner is 800 miles away in a different state) and he said I could do the active reserves. Looked the program up and apparently if you get in you are just supplementing I&I staff ? So this led me to question if it is even possible for someone in the reserve component to actually transition to active duty by which I mean the fleet? Are IMA billets the only way ? My initial impression was that I could re-enlist, LAT move, and then go to the fleet? I'm a LCPL in motor T, but I have no intention of staying in that MOS. Took the DLAB the other day because I figured it better my prospects to LAT move and go linguist, but I am increasingly realizing that this all sounds like a snowball's chance in hell. I kid myself in the reserves that I would eventually deploy and that I should focus on college, but now I'm getting a grasp of what I missed. Thanks to anybody who provides input, appreciate it.

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  BLACKHAWK rigs on wa rbelt
Posted by: jaekes412 - 01-11-2017, 01:34 PM - Forum: Question and Support Board - Replies (1)

The Velcro on the top straps of my drop leg I was issued is old and broke and abused from me stuffing into the MOLLE on my war belt and has fallen off for the third strait feild op. Anyone out the found a successful solution to attaching the top straps of the drop leg to the MOLLE webbing. Checked BLACKHAWK's web site and didn't see anything that looked like it would replace the Velcro straps it came with. Thanks

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  Words of wisdom and other advice for life
Posted by: ah8176 - 12-30-2016, 07:03 AM - Forum: The Smoke Pit -- General Discussion - Replies (27)

We had something like this on the last forum.

I've had the benefit of having a great father and few other good mentors through out the years and I've picked up some great advice along the way. It would be a waste to not share any wisdom so I figure we should have a place to share advice for others. Let this thread be a place for people to share lessons so others may benefit. While I'm sure it can be light-hearted at times, let's try to keep the jokes limited and the advice classy. Advice can be general or specific to certain skill.

On careers and earning a living:

Try to learn a trade. College doesn't work for everyone so it never hurts to be handy and useful at something.

Don't follow your passion; bring your passion with you.

If everyone pursued their dreams for a job, nothing would get done. Instead, find out what you're successful at and use that to pursue your dreams.

The first day of a new job, have HR take at least 2% out of your paycheck and put it away into your TSP, 401K, or whatever. It's usually just enough to not break your bank but enough to make a difference down the road in your life. Today, many people are simply not preparing for retirement. Better to have a little something than nothing at all.

Basic finance 101: Take in more money than you spend. (You'd be surprised how many people violate this rule)

If you have debts, pay off the smallest ones first, then go for the bigger ones.

On relationships/family life:

Don't get married before your 26.

If you're serious about a girl and want to make her your wife, take a good, long, look at her mother. This is will be your wife in 20 years.

Have a few terms or rules that are reasonable, but completely non-negotiable to your wife. (Once a year I go hunting with my father, Once a month I go fishing, etc. etc) A man has to stand for something and your wife will push you.

The perfect wife doesn't exist, but pretty good ones do.

Don't pay attention to how often you fight with her, pay more attention to how the two of you make up.

Family is the only true measure of wealth.


Shortly after your 26th birthday, you'll notice that you get a hangover after only a few drinks. No, nothing's wrong. It's called getting old.

Shortly after your 28th birthday, you'll notice injuries don't heal as quickly and minor bumps and strains hurt for days. See above.

Take care of yourself now, because post college/EAS your shitty diet and bad drinking habits will catch up to you. 

Hang on to that classic car or motorcycle you bought when you where young and cool. You'll regret it. Plus, some day you won't be young or cool anymore, but at least you'll have something to remind people that you once were.

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