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Outbound Module (terminal leave) Please help

I am at the end of my enlistment and have begun processing out of the Marine Corps. I've started the outbound process and have completed my final physical, TRs, Capstone and CO interview. My Outbound Module says my terminal leave is command approved and all I'm doing now is waiting for the 24th of this month to come around so I can pick up my DD214. But theres a problem.

 I'm on TAD status with my current command and my parent command is deployed. On friday we received a Marine from my parent command who told me her parent command wants me to go to IPAC and cancel my terminal leave. She wouldn't tell me why and that my command would tell me once they get back from deployment. They get back in November, I leave this month. 

So here is what I want to know,

Is there any way to make my outbound module on MOL no longer appear in my parent commands MOL? This way I can fall under my TAD command for MOL purposes and my parent command wont have any input on my terminal leave. My present commands CO has okayed my terminal leave, so why would a Staff NCO have any say in the matter after the fact? I'm going to IPAC on Tuesday to see if there's a loophole I can take advantage of to transfer my outbound interview to my TAD command, until then I'm close to freaking out because if I dont cancel it and take off on the 24th I feel like my parent command will send out a warrant. 
Easy answer here. Simply request mast. At this point, the worst that happens is you'll get an answer and have to serve out a few more weeks that you're already on contract for. At best, they'll give you what you want, since for all intents and purposes your career is done.

Just don't freak out, either way. It sounds like you're almost out. If there's something in the civilian world that cannot wait a few weeks, simply mention that in your Request Mast forms.
SSgt don't rate to cancel or deny leave. Only COs get to do that, and even better since you're getting out anyway it doesn't matter if SSgt get's pissed off or you burn any bridges.

You know what piece of paper will help you with a warrant? Your DD-214, make sure you're actually getting that on the 24th.

If anyone other than your Commanding Officer tells you to cancel your leave tell them to eat a dick and that they don't rate. If the Commanding Officer wants it to be denied then they'll arrange for it to happen themselves, instead of sending someone to tell you to cancel it.
Thanks Obama!
You really considering altering something that has been approved by a CO because some random Marine said some other random Marine wants you to make a change? I mean, at least whoever this mythical SNCO is he could call you himself instead of sending a gopher to exchange messages with you. I've never heard of anything like that.

And dude, "send out a warrant"? Seriously? You really think that SNCO is going to send a warrant to Bumfuck County Sheriff's Office ordering them to arrest you? Think about that for a second.
I remember I was TAD while my parent command was out on a long field op. I was supposed to leave my TAD command and go back to my unit to sit around in a classroom all day while I waited to get out. I chose not to and found a key to some random barracks room and lived there for a month. Good times, no warrants.
I don't know if you've been keeping up with current events man. But those us military folk are all looking to transition our genders. Need the estrogen, not testosterone.
If you're really that bothered, go to IPAC and ask them. If they don't know whats going on then get your DD 214 and go. Let your parent command try to fix it if they care that much.

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